I cannot charge for my services

I cannot charge for my services

I accept Donations!

Donations will aid health education to others, this website, for building alternative structures and solar powered aquaponic applications.

Donations can be sent to me in check or cash.
Please mail your donation thank you!

Write check to :

Jason Kvestad

Address to :

Jason Kvestad
1904 Sibley View Lane
Northfield MN, 55057

I thank you, and will contact you if desired also if any type of issue arises with your donation. I greatly preciate it!

By Donating you are ensuring this Five step process will feed and family many many people. The whole process for one home can be somewhat cheap, around $5,000. In comparison to a standard american home this is a much better living style incorporating the planets life elements into the day instead of artificial creations absorbing the power, time and mind. I am not saying Amish is the way I''m simply a more nature driven man. Without our planet we are all doomed, simple things like hydrogen combustion engines, magnetic motors, solar panels, etc can supply the world with natural waste free energy. A small aquaponic farm can feed a family year round and even supply the meat fetish many people have developed.


Below is strategy I''ve researched that can become a great tool for permaculturizing earth. This is a lifestyle free of disease and pollution. This is where any donation will go toward advancing and fruiting. Aiding health and spreading proper information is always supported by me and my actions as long as I live with or without donations. Thanks in advance either way!

Free E-Current Device STEP TWO!
Mass Adobe Production STEP THREE!

We give the freedom of a different lifestyle and choice through this knowledge.

It suprizes me how simple we can exist together on our planet and yet we find it hard to apply locally or globally.