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Dr. Lise Janelle
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Dr. Lise Janelle is a Holistic Chiropractor, a body/mind healer, professional speaker and a teacher. Dr. Janelle''s approach to ultimate health is multi-dimensional, as is her unique persona. A French Canadian, successful practitioner, Author of "You Are Loved," a Henley champion rower and a world traveler, Dr. Janelle thrives on the study of human nature, philosophy and the laws that govern the universe.

After a few years in practice, Dr. Janelle realized that there was more to health than the relief of symptoms. She began to focus her attention on the "Health Triad", which is the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of the individual. By acknowledging the body, mind and spirit connection, Dr. Janelle maximizes her patient’s life potential. She utilizes amongst other techniques, "NET" (Neuroemotional Technique, developed by Dr. Scott Walker) that uses muscle testing to discover and remove emotions that are stored in the body. (see enclosed article.)

Dr. Janelle’s diversity of healing alternatives and her vibrant energy has drawn to the Eastside Chiropractic & Health Centre a distinguished clientele from Olympic athletes to musicians, toddlers to seniors citizens.

"Count Your Blessings," Author, Dr. John Demartini is a teacher and a close associate of Dr. Janelles’. Many of his philosophies are incorporated into her practice and teachings.

In her seminars and workshops, Dr. Janelle teaches people simple, no nonsense tools and techniques to help them increase their energy, self-esteem and potential for love. Dr. Lise Janelle has the insight and sensitivity of Louise Hay combined with the scientific certainty of Deepak Chopra. She truly is an "Ice Breaker" in the Canadian Health Care Industry.

Dr. Lise Janelle D.C.

Author: You Are Loved

Teacher: Dr. Janelle has taught her INWARD BOUND seminar (based on "Breakthough" by Dr. J. Demartini) & SEVEN LEVELS TO SUCCESS ( monthly lecture series) in various Canadian and European locales including Svenborg (Denmark), Paris, St. Tropez, Antibes and the Southern Alps. She also teaches Maximizing your Ultimate Potential seminar in Toronto.

Chiropractor: Began her career in Switzerland and has been practicing in Toronto at her own centre, Eastside Chiropractic and Health Centre for more than 17 years.

Interviews: TV Ontario, Breakfast Television, CHUM AM, EZ Rock, CFUT. Member of "The World’s First All-Woman Ice Canoe Racing Team", articles appeared in The Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Equinox, Canadian Boating, Le Nouvelliste, Eye for the Future.

Speaking Engagements: include Chiropractic Forum, Friends in Chiropractic, Motivational speaker at the WIT( Women in technology) IBM convention June 2000

Dr. Lise Janelle has been invited to Copenhagen, Denmark for a Radio Interview regarding her Inward Bound Seminar.

You are Loved, A Journey toward Love and Fulfillment,
"Chiropractic The Natural Choice" L’Express ,
"Directions," "Touch For Health" OCA News .

Through her studies and practical experience, Dr. Janelle has learned that health is maximized when individuals actively seek to balance their body, mind and spirit and she strives to share this knowledge.

880 Broadview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 2R1 Telephone: (416) 463-6363
Fax: (416) 406-0396 Email: drlisejanelle@sympatico.ca